Our Intelligent Motor Energy Controllers (iMEC) can save over 50% of the energy consumed by dynamically adjusting the amount of energy a motor uses

  • AC Induction Motors motors literally are everywhere! In your house, supermarkets, restaurants hotels, offices and in almost all industrial facilities.

  • When converting electrical energy into mechanical motion there are losses in the system, which are converted into heat, noise and vibration, all because the motor is producing far more power than is required to do the job it needs to do. Power requirements will then often change constantly, and we call this a varying duty cycle or load but a motor is unable to intelligently adapt to changes. 

  • iMEC, our range of intelligent motor energy controllers, provides all of the solutions you need, by giving a simple motor intelligence, enabling the output of power to change to match precisely the power needed to drive the load it is attached to.

  • iMEC will make sure the motor only outputs the correct amount of power to do the job.

  • The result… huge amounts of wasted energy are eliminated, saving you money, and CO2 emissions while at the same time increasing the life expectancy of your equipment because now we no longer are transferring wasted energy into heat, noise and vibration which dramatically reduces equipment life.

  • Our consultants are trained to provide the exact solution to every motor control problem.

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  • We are a nimble company able to respond quickly to the customer's needs.
  • We have extensive experience in the Dominican and Latin markets.
  • We have the best HFO engine supervisors, operators and mechanics available.
  • Our people have excellent safety and environmental performance histories.
  • We possess a can do spirit and attitude.
  • We know 3rd party parts and service suppliers that can save you money.
  • Our understanding of the region and the culture is unique.
  • We know O&M and we do it well.
  • We understand your business and we help you succeed.

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