Power Barges


We provide fast supply of electricity to areas with limited infrastructure

  • Power generation is a key component in economic development in emerging economies. EEN is approaching power generation opportunities as a lead or co-developer of large to medium-sized power plants.
  • In addition to developing long-term independent power generation projects, EEN works closely with governments of emerging countries and state owned power-related enterprises to design and implement long term strategies for gas-fired power based on imported gas.

  • One of the biggest advantages of the power barge is its constructability; the whole power plant can be constructed under ideal conditions at a shipyard in a location far from the eventual operational site.

  • Much of the system testing is achieved prior to the barge leaving the shipyard. This feature is particularly important for installation of barges in locations where Greenfield construction may be difficult and expensive.

  • More advantages of a floating power plant:

    • It provides fast supply of electricity to areas with limited infrastructure
    • It is a mobile asset, possible to relocate or trade
    • It does not require a large site
    • It is independent of soil quality
    • It provides secure power supply in the event of earth quakes or floods


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  • We are a nimble company able to respond quickly to the customer's needs.
  • We have extensive experience in the Dominican and Latin markets.
  • We have the best HFO engine supervisors, operators and mechanics available.
  • Our people have excellent safety and environmental performance histories.
  • We possess a can do spirit and attitude.
  • We know 3rd party parts and service suppliers that can save you money.
  • Our understanding of the region and the culture is unique.
  • We know O&M and we do it well.
  • We understand your business and we help you succeed.

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