O&M Coach/Mentor


The EEN Coach optimizes human plant management resources of the company, with the following functions and responsibilities


  • Coach the Plant Managers and key staff in the skills identified as needed such as: Supervision, Motivation, Leadership, Cost Accounting and workplace efficiency, among others.

  • Teach Plant Managers and key staff in financial matters, understanding the plants as business units and profit centers.

  • Identify the operative problems and propose solutions together with the Plant Manager.

  • Audit plant procedures such as: Administrative, Operation and Warehouse procedures.

  • Oversight of the compliance of the company procedures.

  • Collaborate with Plant Managers to identify the main goals of the company and work together to achieve these goals and develop annual operating plans.

  • Assist Plant Managers and corresponding staff in the Maintenance Outage Planning.

  • Assist the Operations Director in the efficient allocation of resources.

  • Guarantee that the plants operate according to local legislation and licenses requirements.

  • Assist Operation Director in any required activity within the plants.

  • Act as Safety Coordinator Chief and guaranty the proper implementation of the Safety Plan in all the units.

  • Build up safety as an utmost priority within the staff, assuring its presence in every operational process and procedure of the plants.

  • Develop environmental awareness among the plant personnel, assuring the compliance with environmental procedures and local regulations.

  • Interface between corporate purchase department and plant purchase associate in order to speed up and improve the administrative procedures.

  • Facilitate communications between commercial departments and plant in order to ensure efficient and cost effective dispatch of the units.


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  • We are a nimble company able to respond quickly to the customer's needs.
  • We have extensive experience in the Dominican and Latin markets.
  • We have the best HFO engine supervisors, operators and mechanics available.
  • Our people have excellent safety and environmental performance histories.
  • We possess a can do spirit and attitude.
  • We know 3rd party parts and service suppliers that can save you money.
  • Our understanding of the region and the culture is unique.
  • We know O&M and we do it well.
  • We understand your business and we help you succeed.

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