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Operations And Maintenance

  • During mobilization we develop all power plant procedures in Energy Experts Now standard formats and organization.

  • 3 months prior to take over we have our key staff on site reviewing the technical status of the power plant, ensure documentation required is delivered and pre-selecting the personnel.

  • 1 month before operations all personnel undergo Energy Experts Now proprietary courses in preparation for takeover of the plant.


  • During hand over we have all key staff on site, trained and ready to assume responsibility of the facility.

Scope of our O&M

Energy Experts Now offers total care, custody and control of the clients’ plant facilities or other industrial facilities. The scope includes pre mobilization, staffing, O&M management, operations, maintenance and procurement, on a continual basis.

  • The scope of the agreement can include the prime movers, electric generators, all balance of plant systems, including fuel receiving, fuel monitoring and lube oil analysis, storage and transfer of both, water handling, safety compliance & environmental monitoring, and waste management from the fuel receiving station to the delivery point of the electrical power to the off-taker.

  • When we take on the responsibility for mobilization and management of a project’s operating entity, we do not think of ourselves as contractors that have simply been engaged to provide a list of deliverable products and a number of man-hours over a specific period of time. Rather, we think of ourselves as partners, joining our client's organization as an integral part of their team, bringing our expert skills and experience in whole-hearted support of the project. Most important, we take responsibility for doing this safely and with environmental awareness.

  • We bring a clear vision that has consistently resulted in reliable, profitable plants and effective O&M organizations for our clients. Our concepts and methodologies are a result of the lessons learned by involvement or association with a large number of private power projects over many years. By working together, we have been able to achieve a result that is much greater than the sum of the parts.

Standard Policy And Procedures

Operational mistakes are reduced and, when committed, are usually minor in nature.  We have standard procedures that have been proven in many power facilities.

  • We believe —and well-operated plants have proven— that every plant should be handled within the confines of a clearly defined body of policies and procedures.

  • As part of our mobilization service, we always develop a comprehensive Policies and Procedures Manual for each facility. Just as a pilot does every time he gets into his airplane, we perform a "preflight" checklist before starting your valuable equipment.

  • Insurance companies’ investigations show that in the majority of the cases when an incident occurs, it is due to human error. That’s true for power plants, airlines and practically any industry. Therefore we believe that procedures must be:

    • Accurate and correct

    • Followed to the letter

    • Easy to use and located near the equipment to be operated

    • Accompanied by a startup / shutdown checklist to be signed to prove it was followed

    And accordingly:

    • Staff should be well trained on the procedures

    • Staff must be aware of consequences for not following a procedure


  • When this policy is followed, operational mistakes are reduced and, when committed, are usually minor in nature. Each existing procedure will be individually reviewed and edited for project-specific conditions and requirements. In addition, there will be a significant number of new procedures developed that apply only to your project. Among these you will find procedures dictated by specific project permits and licenses, both for plant systems and for integrated normal and off-normal operations.

  • The system is designed to be modular in nature and can be expanded over time as procedures are updated or new ones are created. It will be stored in Word and Corel Draw format, developed by our staff in conjunction with our training contractor team and placed on the local network. The overall manual will be sponsored and administered by the Mobilization Manager until the end of our engagement.

  • At that point, overall sponsorship will be transferred to one of the permanent plant team members, with each individual procedure having its own designated sponsor. This approach makes the procedures a living document, readily available for use by everyone. Energy Experts Now will deliver the procedures manuals in the language of your choosing. Our copyrighted format is simple, clear, concise and easy to use by the field operators. You won’t get large, unwieldy “stay on the shelf” operating procedures from us.