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Basic Technical Skills

We can reduce the risk of operating  your plant by quickly and measurably increasing the technical skills of your people.

Our program has been used in 100's of plants across the globe to increase the capability of power plant personnel.  The basic technical skills training is used to ensure that plant staff have the skill set required to efficiently work in a power facility.

This program covers basic science, goes over each mechanical and electrical component found in a power facility and teaches the use and purpose of them.  It is a great course to cross train, refresh a veterans skill set, bring up the young engineers, and avoid mistakes while operating and maintaining the facility.

If you want to know if you need this training in your plant, take our free online skills test and we will send you a free report.

System Experts Program

This is a customized training program for your power plant.

Our engineers go through your plant and design a detailed training program for the functioning and operation of every system in your facility.  Once the training program is complete we train all personnel of the plant and deliver the full training program to you.

If you do both the basic technical skills and system experts program together you are left with fantastic training material as well as competent personnel.  This will reduce your long term training costs as you can do the training in house, it will also increase the competence of your staff permanently.

Maintenance Excellence Program

This is a customized training program for your power plant.

Our team of expert power plant engineers review the maintenance tasks and documentation for your power facility.  We then create a program specific for your plant.  This program is to train and certify your personnel on all the maintenance tasks expected of them.  By doing this you will drastically reduce the probability of incorrect maintenance and re-work in your facility.  The impact is increased uptime and reduced risk.

When the program is complete you will have your people certified to do the maintenance required as well as have all the training and testing material to continue to program as people grow or you onboard new personnel.